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  Enjoy the Splendour of Life with Flexible Health Protection  
  While enjoying your success and achievements in career, it is time to plan ahead for your health and family.  
  With today’s advanced technology, newer and better therapies are available but usually cost patients a fortune. Being a successful person, you deserve a quality and comprehensive health protection plan which enables you to afford the best possible treatments financially even if critical illnesses strike you out of the blue.  
  With an ample amount of protection up to US$2,800,000 per year, together with a diverse range of benefit items, Tycoon Medical Insurance Plan enables you to customise an all-round medical and health protection plan that best suits your specific needs, allowing you to enjoy a colourful and worry-free life.  
  Plan Highlights Important Notes  
  Plan Features Exclusions  
  Plan Coverage    
Plan Highlights
Flexible combination of coverage
Your choice of Cover Area, Overall Annual Limit, Annual Deductible1 and Type of Accommodation2 as required
3 Optional Benefits: Outpatient Benefits, Maternity Benefits3, Dental Benefits
Provide 3 plan levels namely Platinum, Gold, and Silver, with overall annual limits of US$2,800,000, US$2,000,000, and US$1,380,000 respectively
All-round protection + care for cancer and chronic illnesses
Your choice of attending doctors and private hospitals
Full cover for most items under Hospital and Surgical Benefits
Special Treatment Benefits for cancer and chronic illnesses
Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation Benefits
Accidental Treatment Benefits
Cover the expenses of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging performed in outpatient facility
Exclusive benefits for Platinum and Gold plans
Annual health checkup for free
Supportive services
Second Medical Opinion, Cashless Priority Discharge4, Pre-hospitalisation Claim Assessment5, 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Aid
Guaranteed renewal up to age 996
Guaranteed renewal regardless of individual health status or claims history
Worldwide coverage7
Allow immediate hospitalisation for treatment when travelling abroad for business or leisure
Easy application
No medical examination is required
No claim discount8
Upon renewal, the insured will receive No Claim Discount on the premium payable for the Basic Benefits, if no claim under Basic Benefits has been made during the respective no claim period as specified in the table below.
No claim period immediately preceding renewal Discount rate
1 year 5%
2 consecutive years 5%
3 consecutive years 10%
4 consecutive years 10%
5 consecutive years or more 15%
Any claim made under Emergency Outpatient Treatment or Outpatient Surgery Cash Allowance (if applicable) will not affect the insured’s eligibility for the No Claim Discount.
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Plan Features
  Flexible Coverage for all Stages of Life  
  With a wide range of protection options, Tycoon Medical Insurance Plan provides you with highly flexible, diversified and cost-effective protection. The Plan offers 3 plan levels, namely Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Platinum and Gold Plans offer 2 cover areas7 : “Worldwide” or “Worldwide (excluding North America)”, while the Silver Plan covers “Worldwide (excluding North America)”. With a modest premium, the Silver Plan provides you with full cover for most items under Hospital and Surgical Benefits in semi-private room in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Besides, you are entitled to stay in private room when travelling abroad for business or leisure (excluding North America).  
  Even if you are covered by an existing company medical policy, you still need an extra medical protection that helps cover unexpected medical costs when you are between jobs or retired. To match your personal needs, the Plan offers various choices of annual deductibles1, allowing you to enhance medical protection within your budget while taking advantage of the medical benefits offered by your employer. In addition to the basic benefits, you can choose from a range of optional benefits based on your needs, namely Outpatient Benefits, Maternity Benefits3, and Dental Benefits.  
  All-round Protection to Care for Cancer and Chronic Illnesses  
  To provide you with the desirable medical coverage, the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Plans offer overall annual limits of US$2,800,000, US$2,000,000, and US$1,380,000 respectively. Benefit items include full cover for most items under Hospital and Surgical Benefits, pre- and post-hospitalisation medical costs (including Chinese medicine practitioner treatments like Chinese bone-setting and acupuncture, chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc.), accidental treatment costs (including reconstructive surgery), etc. What’s more, the Outpatient Surgery Cash Allowance9 can offer you even greater flexibility for different medical needs.  
  Critical and chronic illnesses often impose heavy financial burden on patients due to the high cost of advanced medical treatments, not to mention the stress caused by these illnesses. Therefore, Tycoon Medical Insurance Plan extends its coverage to the high cost of special treatments incurred for various chronic illnesses, including cancer treatments (such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapies), kidney dialysis, organ transplants (including marrow transplants), AIDS treatments, etc.  
  Second Medical Opinion  
  Patients suffering from critical illnesses often want to seek second opinion from independent medical experts before making their final decision on treatment options. A top-notch international medical team will offer the insured a second medical advice for free, enabling patients to better understand their situation and make informed choices on treatment.  
  Cashless Priority Discharge4  
  If you are admitted to a private hospital in Hong Kong, simply inform Blue Cross before admission, and your hospital bills will then be settled directly by us. This gives you great convenience and no hassle of claim reimbursement upon discharge, allowing you to focus on making a speedy, worry-free recovery.  
  If you wish to check whether the relevant medical expenses are eligible and can be fully covered by the Plan before hospitalisation, please call our Customer Service Hotline and let our dedicated team provide you with advice and Pre-hospitalisation Claim Assessment5.  
  24-hour Worldwide Emergency Aid  
  In the event of emergency while travelling overseas for business or leisure, you can receive local information, medical and legal assistance anytime, anywhere. Simply make a call to our 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Aid Hotline.  
  Guaranteed Renewal up to Age 996  
  After enrolment, we guarantee your policy will be renewable till the age of 99, giving you coverage up to age 100. No additional premium will be imposed individually upon policy renewal, regardless of your health status or claims history. Moreover, your policy will be automatically renewed for another period of insurance. This gives you and your family the real peace of mind at different stages of life.  
  Annual Health Checkup for Free
(For Platinum and Gold Plans)
  Your health is our utmost concern. We have specially arranged free checkup programmes to help you detect early diseases and monitor your health conditions.  
  Tailor Your Worldwide Protection  
  With 3 plan levels offering different overall annual limits, 3 choices of annual deductibles and 3 optional benefits, you can tailor-make a cost-effective yet flexible medical protection plan to cater for your own needs.  
Plan Level First, choose the Plan Level
• Platinum US$2,800,000*
• Gold US$2,000,000*
• Silver US$1,380,000*
Cover Area Next, select the Cover Area
• Worldwide^
• Worldwide (excluding North America)
Annual Deductible
Up to 62% Premium Saving
Then, decide the Annual Deductible
• Platinum and Gold Plans • Silver Plan
   -  US$0    -  US$0
   -  US$5,000    -  US$2,000
   -  US$8,000    -  US$5,000
Optional Benefits Finally, opt for the Optional Benefits
• Outpatient Benefits
• Maternity Benefits3
• Dental Benefits
* Overall Annual Limit
^ Not applicable to Silver Plan
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Plan Coverage
Plan Level Platinum Gold Silver
Overall Annual Limit (Per insured)* US$2,800,000 US$2,000,000 US$1,380,000
Overall Lifetime Limit10 (Per insured)* US$7,000,000 US$3,500,000
Type of Accommodation2 Private Room Private Room/Semi-private Room^
* Both Basic Benefits and Optional Benefits are inclusive.
^ Confinement in Hong Kong, Macau and China is restricted to semi-private room.
Benefit Items Annual Limit Per Insured
Platinum Gold Silver
Basic Benefits+
A. Hospital and Surgical Benefits
1. Room and Board Full Cover Full Cover Full Cover
2. Surgeon’s Fees
3. Anaesthetist’s Fees#
4. Operating Theatre Fees#
5. Physician’s Visit Fees
6. Specialist’s Fees
7. Charges for Intensive Care
8. Private Nurse’s Fees (Max. 120 days)
9. Companion Bed for Insured Child
10. Miscellaneous Hospital Charges
11. Fees for Outpatient Surgery
12. Outpatient Surgery Cash Allowance9 US$300
per surgical procedure
per surgical procedure
per surgical procedure
13. Advanced Diagnostic Imaging (Performed in outpatient facility) US$3,000 US$2,400 US$1,000
Up to 80% of the Eligible Expenses
14. Daily Hospital Cash Allowance (For confinement in general ward of eligible public hospital only) (Max. 45 days) US$200
Per Day
Per Day
Applicable to an Insured with No Deductible
15. Daily Hospital Cash Allowance (For confinement in a private hospital in Hong Kong with room level lower than that of a private room) (Max. 45 days) US$200
Per Day
16. Hospital Income for Double Benefit (Max. 45 days) US$150
Per Day
Per Day
Per Day
B. Pre- and Post-Hospitalisation Benefits
1. Pre-Hospitalisation/Day Case Procedure Outpatient Consultation (Within 30 days prior to hospitalisation/day case procedure) Full Cover Full Cover Full Cover
2. Post-Hospitalisation/Day Case Procedure Outpatient Consultation (Within 60 days after hospitalisation/day case procedure) Full Cover Full Cover Full Cover
3. Post-Hospitalisation/Day Case Procedure Auxiliary Treatment (Within 60 days after hospitalisation/day case procedure)
- Chinese Medicine Practitioner Treatment (including Chinese Bone-setting and Acupuncture), Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Homeopathy and Osteopathy
US$650 US$350 US$350
4. Post-Surgery Home Nursing (Within 28 weeks after hospitalisation) (Max. 196 days) Full Cover Full Cover Full Cover
C. Special Treatment Benefits
1. Cancer Therapy
- Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Targeted Therapies
Full Cover Full Cover Full Cover
2. Kidney Dialysis
3. Organ Transplant
4. HIV/AIDS Treatment (Waiting period: 5 years) US$10,000 US$10,000 US$10,000
5. Complications of Pregnancy (Waiting period: 1 year) US$15,000 US$15,000 US$15,000
6. Mental or Psychological Treatment (Inpatient treatment only) US$6,000 US$4,000 US$4,000
7. Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause Full Cover Full Cover Full Cover
8. Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment (Inpatient treatment only) US$1,300 US$650 US$650
9. Prosthetic Devices Expenses Full Cover Full Cover Full Cover
10. Hospice Care US$10,000 N/A N/A
D. Accidental Treatment Benefits
1. Emergency Outpatient Treatment Full Cover Full Cover Full Cover
2. Damaged Teeth
3. Reconstructive Surgery (Inpatient treatment only)
E. Supportive Services
1. Second Medical Opinion
2. Cashless Priority Discharge4
3. 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Aid
  + Blue Cross covers eligible expenses incurred in excess of the annual deductible (if applicable) in respect of benefit items A to D.
# Charges for such benefits will be payable on condition that Surgeon’s Fees are payable by Blue Cross.
Only applicable when an insured is covered by a policy of another insurance company which is the first payer of the medical benefits regardless of whether the insured is covered by an individual or group policy.
“Day Case Procedure” means a medically necessary medical or surgical procedure which is performed by a physician in an outpatient facility. An outpatient facility may refer to a physician’s clinic, a day case centre, a day care centre, or an outpatient department or equivalent facility established and operated by a hospital.
Note: All expenses incurred must be Reasonable and Customary11 and Medically Necessary12.
Annual Health Checkup for Free
  A free annual health checkup program is designed exclusively for Platinum and Gold Plans.
For full details, please refer to Tycoon Medical Insurance Plan brochure.
Optional Benefits
A. Outpatient Benefits
1. Outpatient Consultation
- General Practitioner’s Consultation, Specialist’s Consultation and Doctor On-call Service
Full Cover
2. Alternative Treatments
- Chinese Medicine Practitioner Treatment (including Chinese Bone-setting and Acupuncture), Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Hypnotherapy and Mental Treatment
Full Cover
(1 visit per day per type of treatment)
3. Diagnostic X-rays and Laboratory Tests
- Including Computerised Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Gait Scans, etc.
Full Cover
4. Prescribed Medicines and Drugs Full Cover
5. Health Examinations and Vaccinations
- Annual Health Checkup#
- Annual Eye Examination#
- Annual Dental Examination#
- Vaccinations
B. Maternity Benefits3
1. Normal Delivery (Waiting period: 1 year) US$7,500
2. Caesarean Section (Waiting period: 1 year) US$15,000
3. Miscarriage or Therapeutic Abortion (Waiting period: 90 days) US$5,000
C. Dental Benefits
1. Oral Examination and Scale & Polish Full Cover (Twice per period of insurance)
2. Routine Treatments (Waiting period: 90 days)
- Including Tooth Fillings, Tooth Extractions, X-ray, Inlays, Onlays, Abscesses, Root Canal Work, Periodontal Surgery and Medications
3. Restoration Treatments (Waiting period: 90 days)
- Including Surgeries for Removal of Wisdom Teeth/Impacted Teeth, Dentures, Crowns, Bridges, Implants and Orthodontic Treatment, Anaesthesia, Pins for Cusp Restoration, Apicoectomy, Soft-tissue Impaction, Bony Impaction and Gold Inlays
  # Once a year
Note: All expenses incurred must be Reasonable and Customary11 and Medically Necessary12.
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Important Notes
The Annual Deductible is only applicable to the Basic Benefits. With respect to an insured of age 50, 55, 60 or 65 at renewal, the policyholder may apply for lowering the Annual Deductible within 31 days before or after the relevant renewal without providing Blue Cross with further evidence of the insured’s health status. This right can only be exercised once during the lifetime of an insured and is irrevocable. The change shall only take effect on renewal and subject to the approval of Blue Cross.
If an insured, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, is confined in a room of a standard: a) exceeding a semi-private room but not exceeding a private room in Hong Kong, Macau or China under the Silver Plan, the benefit payable under Hospital and Surgical Benefits shall be limited to 50% of the eligible expenses; or b) exceeding a private room, the benefit payable under Hospital and Surgical Benefits shall be limited to 25% of the eligible expenses.
To enrol in the optional Maternity Benefits, customers must also opt for the Outpatient Benefits.
Cashless Priority Discharge is only applicable to admission to private hospitals in Hong Kong. A Hospitalisation Pre-registration Form is required to be completed and returned to Blue Cross for registration and authorisation process at least 4 working days prior to admission. The liability of Blue Cross under the policy is limited to indemnify the insured for the eligible medical expenses payable in accordance with the Tycoon Medical Insurance Plan. Blue Cross shall recover from the insured the medical expenses settled on behalf of the insured which fall outside coverage of the policy (if any).
The insured must complete and submit the Pre-hospitalisation Claim Assessment Form. Assessment of the estimated eligible claim amounts is for reference only, the actual eligible claim amounts will be subject to the final claim decision.
Guaranteed Renewal up to Age 99 is not applicable to the Maternity Benefits. Renewal is guaranteed (subject to the availability of the Plan at the time of renewal) and Blue Cross will neither charge extra premium nor impose additional exclusions on an individual policy based on the insured’s health status and claims history at the time of renewal. However, Blue Cross reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of this policy and adjust the premium upon policy renewal due to, for example, age-related adjustment, a particular risk class or change of risk class.
About Cover Area:
- The cover area of Outpatient Benefits must be the same as that of the Basic Benefits.
- If the cover area of “Worldwide (excluding North America)” is selected or applied, this policy will not provide any cover in North America except for emergency treatment and/or service.
- For the Basic Benefits and the Outpatient Benefits, customers who have resided or have stayed/studied in North America for 6 months or more in the past 12 months, or customers planning to reside, stay or study in North America in the next 12 months, or North American citizens, are only eligible to select “Worldwide (excluding North America)” as the cover area.
- Upon policy renewal, Blue Cross reserves the right to change the cover area from “Worldwide” to “Worldwide (excluding North America)” if the insured has resided in North America for 6 months or more in the past 12 months.
- During the period of insurance, the policyholder shall give immediate notice to Blue Cross in respect of any change of address, residency, occupation of an insured or any other change of risk which may affect the cover of this policy. Blue Cross reserves the right to adjust the premium for any period, in the past or future, the benefits and other terms and conditions of this policy to effect such change of risk. The policyholder shall pay any additional premium as required before any benefit is payable under this policy. If the change of residency shall result in the insured being not insurable according to Blue Cross’ underwriting rules, renewal of insurance coverage under this policy will cease and Blue Cross will endeavour to transfer the insured to another available medical insurance plan.
In the event that after the insurance coverage for that insured is renewed at a No Claim Discount, a claim by that insured for any benefit under the Basic Benefits section, which has accrued in the previous period of insurance, is paid or becomes payable by Blue Cross, the policyholder shall reimburse the discounted amount to Blue Cross within 21 days from the date of the invoice. No benefits shall be payable to the insured under this policy unless the discounted amount is received by Blue Cross.
Outpatient Surgery Cash Allowance is only applicable to the following day-case surgical procedures: gastroscopy (including esophagogastroduodenoscopy), colonoscopy, cystoscopy, arthroscopy, colposcopy, bronchoscopy, detached retina repair and hysteroscopy.
Overall Lifetime Limit refers to the maximum aggregate amount of cover under all policies of Tycoon Medical Insurance Plan an insured is entitled to during his lifetime, regardless of whether those policies are terminated, in force or have expired.
Reasonable and Customary refers to a charge for medical treatments, services or supplies which does not exceed the general level of charges being charged by the relevant service providers or suppliers of similar standing in the locality where the charge is incurred for similar treatments, services or supplies to individuals of the same sex and age, for a similar disease or injury. The Reasonable and Customary charges shall not in any event exceed the actual charges incurred. In determining whether an expense is Reasonable and Customary, Blue Cross may make reference to the following (if applicable): a) the gazette issued by the Hong Kong Government which sets out the fees for the private patient services in public hospitals in Hong Kong; b) industrial treatment or service fee survey; c) internal claim statistics; d) extent or level of benefit insured; and/or e) other pertinent source of reference in the locality where the treatments, services or supplies are provided.
Medically Necessary refers to the need to have treatment or service for the purpose of treating a medical condition or dental condition in accordance with the generally accepted standards of medical practice and such treatment or service must: a) require the expertise of a qualified medical practitioner; b) be consistent with the diagnosis and necessary for the treatment of the condition; c) be rendered in accordance with professional and prudent standards of medical practice, and not be rendered primarily for the convenience or the comfort of an insured, his/her family members, caretaker or attending qualified medical practitioner; and d) be rendered in the most cost-efficient manner and setting appropriate in the circumstances.
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Pre-existing conditions.
Treatment or test which is not Medically Necessary; or purchase of drugs which are not prescribed by a physician.
Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for “Health Examinations and Vaccinations” in the policy, confinement solely for the purpose of general checkup; diagnostic X-ray; advanced imaging; laboratory tests; genetic testing; counselling or physiotherapy.
Treatment related to congenital conditions (except Hernias, Strabismus and Phimosis) or developmental conditions or disease of similar kind (except the neo-natal abnormalities which become apparent after an insured reaches the age of 12).
Except as otherwise provided in Terms and Conditions for “HIV/AIDS Treatment” in the policy, expenses directly or indirectly arising from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and its related medical condition, including AIDS and/or any mutations, derivation or variations thereof, consequential upon an HIV infection.
Treatment or medical condition directly or indirectly arising from or consequent upon the abuse of drugs or alcohol, self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide, illegal activity, or driving or maneuvering machines whilst exceeding the prescribed alcohol and drug limit, or venereal and sexually transmitted disease or its sequelae.
Charges in respect of services for beautification or cosmetic purposes; including any related and associated medical conditions arising therefrom, and expenses in relation to but not limited to hearing tests, routine blood tests, general checkups, prophylaxis treatment, vaccinations or inoculations (except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for “Health Examinations and Vaccinations” in the policy), etc.
Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for “Damaged Teeth” or “Dental Benefits” in the policy, treatment of a dental condition and oral surgery (except treatment of an emergency and surgery arising from an accident received by the insured during confinement) as well as follow up treatment of the dental condition or oral surgery whether as an inpatient or outpatient.
Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for “Maternity Benefits” or “Complications of Pregnancy” in the policy, all investigations, treatments, surgical procedure, counselling services and genetic testing relating to maternity conditions and its complications, including diagnostic tests for pregnancy or resulting childbirth, abortion or miscarriage; birth control or reversal of birth control; sterilisation or sex reassignment of either sex; infertility, etc.
Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for “Miscellaneous Hospital Charges” or “Prosthetic Devices Expenses” in the policy, purchase of prosthetic devices, purchase or rental of durable medical equipment or appliances including but not limited to wheelchairs, beds and furniture, airway pressure machines and masks, portable oxygen and oxygen therapy devices, dialysis machines, exercise equipment, spectacles, hearing aids, special braces, walking aids, over-the-counter drugs, air purifiers or conditioners and heat appliances for home use.
Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for “Mental or Psychological Treatment” or “Alternative Treatments” in the policy, treatment or medical condition directly or indirectly arising from any psychotic, psychological, or psychiatric conditions and any physiological or psychosomatic manifestations thereof.
Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for “Post-Hospitalisation Auxiliary Treatment” or “Alternative Treatments” in the policy, other alternative treatments including but not limited to Chinese medicine, acupressure, tianjiu, tui-na, hypnotism, qigong, massage therapy, aromatherapy and such alike.
Treatment or medical condition directly or indirectly arising from war (declared or undeclared), civil war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power; resulting from taking part in military, air force, naval and other disciplinary services.
* Applicable to Basic Benefits and Optional Benefits
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  Optional Benefits
Outpatient Benefits
Maternity Benefits (To enrol in the optional Maternity Benefits, customers must also opt for the Outpatient Benefits.)
Dental Benefits
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1. The above information is for reference only. Please refer to policy for the exact terms and conditions and the full list of policy exclusions. For more information or a copy of the policy terms and conditions, please click here or contact our Customer Service Department on 3608 2988/ by email for enquiry.
2. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of the above information, the English version shall apply and prevail.
  The above product(s) is/are offered for sale in Hong Kong only and is/are underwritten by Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited, an authorised insurer in Hong Kong.