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Plan Highlights
  Never Neglect Your Dental Care  
  Toothache can give you a hard time. What’s worse are the escalating costs of dental care. Dental Plan covers expensive dental services costs including routine oral examinations for you and your family.  
  A Standalone Dental Plan To Meet Your Dental Needs  
  You may choose between Standard Plan or Executive Plan according to your needs  
  Your coverage extends to treatments by any registered dentists of your own choice  
  You can enjoy a worldwide coverage  
  Easy Enrolment  
  Enrolment is free from dental examination or individual underwriting  
  Enrol Now to Enjoy All-round Dental Plan!  
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Standard Plan
  The plan covers 80% of eligible expenses up to the following maximum limit, unless otherwise stated:  
Benefit Items Maximum Limit
1. X-rays required prior to performance of dental service  
  a. Single film Per film 95
  b. Additional film Per film 85
2. Abscesses  
  a. Non-surgical Per abscess 380
  b. Surgical Per abscess 780
3. Fillings  
  a. Amalgam Per tooth 780
  b. Composite (e.g. Resin) Per tooth 500
  c. With acid etch Per tooth 820
4. Pins for Cusp Restoration  
  a. First pin Per pin 270
  b. Subsequent pin for the same tooth Per pin 140
5. Root Canal Treatment Per tooth 3,000
6. Extractions  
  a. Surgical or non-surgical extraction (except item no. 6b) Per tooth 500
  b. Surgical extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth Per tooth 2,300
7. Apicoectomy  
  Anterior teeth Per tooth 2,300
8. Dentures (caused by accident only)  
  a. Both full sets (upper and lower) 9,000
  b. One full set (upper or lower) 4,600
  c. Partial set  
  i. Per preparation plate 4,600
  ii. Per denture 320
9. Medication for dental treatments Per policy year 500
10. Routine Oral Examination  
  Scale & polish and prophlaxis (twice per policy year)
100% Reimbursement
Per visit 500
Overall Maximum Limit Per Policy Year (exclude cost of dentures) 10,500
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Executive Plan
  The plan covers 100% of eligible expenses up to the following maximum limit:  
Benefit Items Maximum Limit
Executive Plan covers benefit items 1 to 21, except item 8 which is replaced by item 15.  
11. Periodontal Surgery  
  a. Subgingival curettage (per treatment) 890
  b. Gingivectomy (6 teeth or above in total, or per quadrant) 1,950
  c. Gingivectomy (5 teeth or below in total) 650
12. Apicoectomy (Molar & Pre-molar) Per tooth 2,880
13. Gold Inlay  
  a. One surface Per tooth 2,400
  b. Two surfaces Per tooth 3,250
  c. Three surfaces Per tooth 4,050
14. Crowns and Bridges  
  a. Acrylic jacket crown Per crown or bridge 2,200
  b. Porcelain jacket crown Per crown or bridge 3,250
  c. Bridgework Per crown or bridge 2,880
15. Dentures (caused by accident or dental condition)  
  a. Both full sets (upper & lower) 9,000
  b. One full sets (upper or lower) 4,600
  c. Partial sets  
  i. Per preparation plate (caused by accident) 4,600
  ii. Per preparation plate (caused by dental condition) 2,150
  iii. Per denture 320
16. Accident Emergency Treatment  
a.Include X-rays, temporary pain relief, temporary fillings, medication, incision and drainage of abscess
Per accident 650
  b. Non-working hours treatments Per accident 1,550
17. Partial Soft-tissue Impaction Per accident/dental condition 910
18. Complete Soft-tissue Impaction Per accident/dental condition 2,300
19. Bony Impaction Per accident/dental condition 1,400
20. Orthodontic Treatment Per policy year 7,800
  (necessitated by threat to the health of the insured and recommended as medically necessary by qualified physician or dentist)  
21. Panoramic Film Per policy year 320
Overall Maximum Limit Per Policy Year (exclude cost of dentures) 20,500
All benefit items (except item 10) are subject to a waiting period of 90 days (exclude renewal).
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Except for policy renewal or otherwise specified, all dental treatments within the first 90 days after the policy is in effect.
Losses or expenses which are recoverable under any law, dental program, or other insurance policy provided by any government, company, other insurers or any other third party.
Self-inflicted disease or injury whether the Insured is sane or insane.
Conditions or injury arising from the use or consumption of alcohol or drugs.
Condition or disease which become manifested to an Insured after the expiry of the period of insurance or after the date of deletion of the Insured by the policyholder from this policy.
Any dental procedure not performed in a licensed dental clinic, medical facility, or similar facility the primary function of which is to perform dental procedures.
Declared or undeclared war, riot, strike, civil commotion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, nuclear holocaust, or performance of duty while in any military, naval or air forces of any country.
Condition or injury arising from racing of any kind (except foot racing); motorcycling not on paved or unpaved roads, air travel other than as a fare paying passenger on a duly licensed commercial aircraft; sky diving; scuba diving; mountain climbing; or deliberate exposure to exceptional danger except in attempt to save human life.
Non-dental services, including but not limited to photocopying charges, dental report charges, costs for dental products such as toothbrushes, paste and floss, taxes and the like.
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1. The above information is for reference only. Please refer to policy for the exact terms and conditions and the full list of policy exclusions. For more information or a copy of the policy terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Service Department on 3608 2988/ by email for enquiry.
2. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of the above information, the English version shall apply and prevail.
  Dental Plan is underwritten by Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited, an authorised insurer in Hong Kong.