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  Blue Cross Cancer Screening Programme is one of Blue Cross Health Care Options series of programme designed to provide members with professional cancer screening services.  
  Background Information    
  Programme Details    
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  Important Notes    
Background Information
  Is Cancer Screening Necessary?  
  Blue Cross Cancer Screening Programme is one of Blue Cross Health Care Options series of programmes designed to provide members with professional cancer screening services. Cancer among all other diseases has been the number one killer in Hong Kong since the 1960s. One in three deaths in Hong Kong is due to cancer. The best way to protect yourself against cancer is to have a healthy lifestyle, early detection and timely treatment, thus regular screening is highly recommended.  
  Who Needs Cancer Screening?  
  Cancer patients are becoming younger. We recommend every individual should undertake regular cancer screenings. If any of your immediate family member(s) has cancer, you will have a high risk contracting cancer and should undertake cancer screening regularly.

Besides regular cancer screening, we also provide tailor-made cancer screening programmes for male and female. In addition, we have specially designed plans which are suitable for female at different age groups and all female cancer screening programmes are conducted by female doctors.
  The Most Common Cancers in Hong Kong  
  Among all, lung cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer are the most common cancers in Hong Kong.  
  Lung Cancer
Lung cancer is the most common cancer in Hong Kong, with an annual incidence of around 4,300 new cases. According to latest Cancer Registry report, 3,692 people died from the disease (2,465 and 1,227 deaths among male and female respectively) in 2009, making it the No. 1 cancer killer. More males are affected by lung cancer than females, with a ratio of 1.9 to 1.
  Bowel Cancer
Cases of bowel cancer increased rapidly in recent years, making it the second most common cancer in Hong Kong. From latest reports, there were 4,335 new cases in 2009. Doctors are expecting that it will surpass lung cancer in the next couple of years to become the most common cancer affecting our community.

Bowel cancer is the No. 2 cancer killer in Hong Kong, with 1,752 deaths in 2009.
  Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and No. 3 among all cancers. Nearly 24.0% of all cancers in women occur in the breast. According to recent reports, there were 2,945 new cases and 555 deaths from breast cancer in 2009.

The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better the chance of recovery.
  Liver Cancer
Liver cancer is the fourth most common cancer and No. 3 cancer killer in Hong Kong, with 1,832 new cases and 1,488 deaths in 2009.

Considerably more males in Hong Kong are affected by liver cancer than females, with a ratio of 3.1 to 1. Among the male population, liver cancer is the fourth most common cancer, and No. 2 killer (1,385 new cases and 1,072 deaths) in 2009. For women, it ranks 8th most common and is the No. 4 four killer (447 new cases and 416 deaths).
  Prostate Cancer
Affecting about 1/3 of the male population over the age of 50, and nearly all males aged 80 or above, prostate cancer is the 5th most common cancer in Hong Kong. The total number of incidence has tripled over 10 years (358 cases in 1996 vs. 1,484 cases in 2009).
  Source: Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority, 2009  
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Programme Details
Examination/Test Cancer Screening Female Plan (A) age below 35 Female Plan (B) age 35-49 Female Plan (C) age above 50 Male Plan
Profile Code CA FA FB FC MP
Gynaecological examination    
Pap smear
(Cervix Cancer Screening)
Mammography and Ultrasound of Breasts      
Bone Density by Ultrasound        
Prostate Specific Antigen        
Screening for Liver Cancer & Cirrhosis - Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)        
Colorectal Cancer screening - Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)        
Cancer screening - Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)        
Report Interpretation
 Blue Cross Member Rate(HK$):  1,210 820 2,850 3,800 500
Fee(HK$): 1,400 950 3,200 4,200 580
Market Price (HK$)
(for reference only):
1,700 1,200 3,800 4,800 700
  Note: Blue Cross reserves the right to alter the price without prior notice.  
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Programme Highlights
  Professional Experience in Medical Insurance and Healthcare Services  
  With over 45 years of professional experience in medical insurance and health care services, Blue Cross is proud to offer you a series of health care programmes to help you better understand your own health conditions and strives to enhance the importance of preventive care.  
  Detailed Report Interpretation  
  All laboratory tests are conducted by professional laboratory technicians, and the medical results will be verified and interpreted by registered doctor in detail.  
  Special Discount for Insured Members  
  A special discount is now offering to all Blue Cross members1 and their family members. Act now and join our Preventive Care Programmes to better protect yourself and your family!  
1 To enjoy discount rate, members are required to provide their policy number in the application form.
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Important Notes
  Pregnant women or any members who are suffering from bleeding disorders or receiving anti-coagulant therapy are advised to consult his/her medical doctor prior to receiving the services.  
  All medical check-ups and reports are provided by the designated laboratories and clinics. All disputes related to check-ups are solely responsible by the designated laboratories and clinics.  
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