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Blue Cross Insurance Product

CareForYou for VHIS

Latest Offer

15% first year premium discount
Exclusive Family Discount for CareForYou Super Flexi Plan for VHIS extra 10% premium discount
Special Privilege:
Dental Care Service Coupon (per insured person)
Up to $800 Supermarket Cash Coupon
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‧ Exclusive Privileges for SmartClub Members to enrol CareForYou Super Flexi Plan for VHIS:
1. Earn 1 SmartPoint for every first year HK$1 paid premium
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Free Anti-virus Protection Set
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Information of Proposed Insured Person

Will the Insured Person stay outside Hong Kong or Macau for 6 months or more in average in the next 12 months?


Engage in high-risk occupation including (i) manual works at construction site; (ii) work at a height (exceeding 10 meters above ground or floor level); (iii) professional boxer; (iv) jockey or (v) stuntman?

Optional Benefit & Benefit Level

Do you need outpatient benefits?
Do you need supplementary medical benefits?
Benefit level
* Applicant MUST be of age 18 or above.
* The enrolment age of insured person MUST be between 15 days and 80 years.
* For online application, the applicant MUST be the insured person (unless enrolling for the applicant's child under the age of 18).
* Age refers to the attained age.
* For enrolling dependents including applicant’s spouse, applicant’s or his/her spouse’s parents, grandparents or siblings, please download and complete the application form and mail to the Company for processing.
* The most suitable plan(s) would be shown for your selection based on the information provided above. If you would like to know more about other plans available under CareForYou for VHIS, please refer to the product leaflets and relevant documents of CareForYou Standard Plan for VHIS, CareForYou Flexi Plan for VHIS & CareForYou Super Flexi Plan for VHIS.
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