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  Taipan GolferSafe Insurance Plan is a comprehensive financial protection plan specifically packaged to provide you with cover for your golf equipment and personal effects, as well as personal liability and accidental injury. With this plan, you can free your mind and concentrate in giving every shot your best shot at any golf course or driving range all over the world.  
  Product Highlights  
  Table of Benefits    
Product Highlights
  Exceptionally High Protection Limits
Taipan GolferSafe Insurance Plan offers you the most suitable financial protection. It provides exceptionally high protection limits, which assures that you are sufficiently covered. In addition, it has the most comprehensive coverage in the market, including the basic insured items such as personal liability, personal accident, golf equipment and personal effects benefits, as well as the new features like triple indemnity personal accident cover, hospital cash and dental treatment benefit.
  Personal Liability Protection up to HK$10,000,000
All golfers run the risk of injuring another person or damaging somebody else's property when on the golf course. No matter how good a player you happen to be, you are liable if you cause injury or damage to third parties. This plan covers you up to a maximum limit of HK$10,000,000 for personal negligence arising out of participation in golf.
  24-hour Worldwide Personal Accident Protection
Taipan GolferSafe Insurance Plan provides you with 24-hour worldwide accident protection: Should you die or become seriously injured as a result of accident, a lump-sum benefit of HK$500,000 will be paid. Even when you are playing golf at any recognised golf course or driving range, accident may happen any time without warning, therefore this plan will provide three unique benefits to cover your needs:
Double indemnity (Total of HK$1,000,000) for accidental death and Triple indemnity (Total of HK$1,500,000) in the event of accidental death due to lightning strike.
While you are hospitalised, this plan will provide a daily hospital cash benefit of HK$1,000 for up to HK$30,000 per year.
Reimburse the cost of dental treatment necessarily incurred as a result of injury to your teeth, up to a maximum of HK$10,000.
  Your Golf Equipment & Personal Effects are fully covered all around the world
To assure you that every golf vacation will be worry-free, this plan covers the loss of or damage to valuable golf equipment or other personal effects belonging to you, up to the maximum limit of HK$40,000 and HK$10,000 respectively.
  Celebrate on Hole-In-One
This plan covers you both in good and bad times. To share the joy with you of scoring a "Hole-in-one", this plan will also reimburse you the expenses incurred in celebrating this accomplishment with your friends for up to HK$10,000 per event (HK$30,000 per year).
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Table of Benefits
Coverage Maximum Limits
Personal Liability
This covers against legal liability for third party bodily injury or property damage whilst playing or practising golf at any recognised golf course/driving range. 10,000,000
Personal Accident
1. 24-hour Worldwide Personal Accident Cover1
  - For accidental death or bodily injury. (loss of one or more limbs or eyes)
2. Double Indemnity (Accidental Death Only)
  - The amount payable shall be doubled for accidental death whilst playing or
practising golf at any recognised golf course/driving range.
3. Triple Indemnity (Accidental Death due to lightning strike)
  - The amount payable shall be tripled for accidental death due to lightning
strike whilst playing golf at any recognised golf course/driving range.
Hospital Cash
Provide a daily cash benefit in the event of suffering from accidental bodily injury whilst playing golf at any recognised golf course/driving range and is hospitalised for medical treatment. 30,000 / year
(1,000 / day)
Dental Treatment Cover
This covers the cost of dental treatment necessarily incurred as a result of accidental injury caused by a direct blow from any person whilst playing golf at any recognised golf course/driving range. Provided the dental treatment must be performed within 7 days after the incurred accident. 10,000
Golf Equipment
This covers accidental loss of or damage to golf equipment belonging to you whilst playing golf or in transit or at any recognised golf club/golf course/driving range.
(Maximum $5,000 per article for driver/fairway wood, and $2,500 per article for iron/putter)
Personal Effects
This covers accidental loss of or damage to personal effects due to fire or theft whilst such property is contained at any recognised golf club/golf course/driving range.
(Maximum $2,000 per article)
This benefit reimburses the hospitality expenses incurred as a result of scoring a "Hole-in-one" whilst playing at any recognised golf course. Provided the hospitality should be held within 30 days after the insured scoring the "Hole-in-one".
(Maximum $10,000 per event)
Golf Assistance Services
1. Golf course referral & booking assistance
2. Arrangement of emergency medical evacuation
Service Only
1 This benefit shall not apply to any person in performing duties as a member of disciplinary forces, aircrew or ship crew, manual workers or professional sportsman.
  Comprehensive Family Protection
The comprehensive protection offer can be extended to your family at a small additional cost. Then, you and your family members can enjoy the golf game with total peace of mind.
Annual Premium (HK$)
Per person: 980 Per family2: 1,680
  2 "Family" refers to the insured, his/her spouse and dependant children aged 3 - 17 or up to 23 if they are full-time students.  
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Excluding professional liability for professional golfers, golf coaches/instructors/trainers
Worldwide cover
Hong Kong Residents only
Eligible Age Limit:
Adult: Age 18 - 65 (renewable up to age 70)
Children: Age 3 - 17 or up to age 23 if they are full-time students
Under all sections of benefits, the maximum amount payable to "children" shall be calculated at 50% of the maximum limits as stated in the schedule except
(i)   the maximum amount payable for "Personal Accident" is limited to HK$200,000 and
(ii)  no double/triple indemnity is allowed
Subject to the law and jurisdiction of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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2. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of the above information, the English version shall apply and prevail.
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