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  Blue Cross Preventive Checkup and Immunisation Programme is one of Blue Cross Health Care Options series of programmes designed to provide members with professional preventive care services.  
  Preventive Checkup and Immunisation Programmes  
  Programme Details    
  Immunisation Programmes    
  Preventive Checkup Programmes    
  Programme Highlights    
  Important Notes    
Preventive Checkup and Immunisation Programmes
  Blue Cross Preventive Checkup and Immunisation Programme is one of Blue Cross Health Care Options programmes designed to provide members with professional preventive care services. Blue Cross believes that regular Checkup is indispensable. Based on the information and statistics collected through a long-term survey on health, lifestyle, and health-related behavior of Hong Kong people, Blue Cross has designed the following preventive care programmes.  
  4 plans of Preventive Checkup Programme:  
  Basic Health Plan  
  Standard Health Plan  
  Comprehensive Health Plan  
  Executive Health Plan  
  2 plans of Immunisation Programme:  
  Hepatitis A  
  Hepatitis A + B  
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Programme Details
  Preventive Checkup Programme  
  A risk factor is anything that increases a person's chance of developing diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease and pneumonia. According to the statistics from the Department of Health in 2010, the above mentioned diseases are Hong Kong's top three killing diseases which account for approximately 59.8% of all deaths. You are recommended to perform annual medical Checkup to better understand your health condition and be prepared for any treatments or take preventive measures.  
  Immunisation Programmes  
  Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B are common diseases in Hong Kong. Hepatitis A is transmitted faeco-orally via contaminated food especially seafood like oyster, mussel, bivalves or drinking water. According to the past statistics, 0.2% of Hepatitis A patients may die from fulminant hepatitis. Hong Kong is endemic hotbed of Hepatitis B virus. According to the statistics from the Department of Health, approximately 40% of Hong Kong's population have been infected by Hepatitis B and about 7-8% of the population are carriers. Almost 90% of the cause for liver cancer areis related to Hepatitis B. We recommend you to take vaccinations to ensure you are protected.  
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Immunisation Programmes
  Profile Code Description Fee
Blue Cross Member Rate
Hepatitis A HA Blood test & two vaccinations 1,850 920 1,660
Hepatitis A + B HC Blood test & three vaccinations 3,200 1,590 2,820
1 Partial refund will be given to all Hepatitis A/B carries or antibody carriers who do not require vaccination.
Note: The company reserves the right to alter the price without prior notice.
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Preventive Checkup Programmes
  Examination/Test Basic Plan Standard Plan Comprehensive Plan Executive Plan
  Profile Code BP ST CP EP
1 Physical examination    
2 Chest X-ray  
3 HBsAg and Anti-HBs    
4 Urinalysis  
5 Lipid (Fats) Profile:  
  Total Cholesterol & Triglycerides
  HDL Cholesterol & LDL Cholesterol  
  ABO & Rh Factor      
6 Fasting Glucose
7 Liver Function Tests:  
  Alkaline phosphatase & Gamma GT    
  Bilirubin, Albumin, Total Protein, A/G Ratio    
8 Renal Function Tests:  
9 Uric Acid  
10 CBC and Platelet
11 ESR  
12 RA Factor    
13 VDRL    
14 Thyroxine  
15 Stool for ova and cysts  
16 Stool for occult blood    
17 Screening for Liver Cancer & Cirrhosis - Alpha Feto Protein (AFP)      
  Colorectal Cancer screening - Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)      
  Cancer screening - Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)      
18 ECG (Resting)  
19 Treadmill Stress Test (Exercise ECG)      
20 Report Interpretation
  Blue Cross Member Rate (HK$): 440 1,840 3,200 5,600
  Fee (HK$): 490 2,050 3,600 6,200
  Market Price (HK$)
(for reference only):
600 3,900 4,500 8,800
  Note: The Company reserves the right to alter the price without prior notice.  
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Programme Highlights
  Professional Experience in Medical Insurance and Healthcare Services  
  With over 45 years of professional experience in medical insurance and healthcare services, Blue Cross is proud to offer you a series of health care programmes to help you better understand your own health conditions and strives to enhance the importance of preventive care.  
  Detailed Report Interpretation  
  Paramedical examinations are conducted by professional laboratory technicians, and the medical results will be verified and interpreted by registered doctor in details.  
  Special Discount for Insured Members  
  A special discount is now offering to all Blue Cross members1 and their family members. Act now and join our Preventive Care Programmes to better protect yourself and your family!  
1 To enjoy discount rate, members are required to provide their policy no. in the application form.
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Important Notes
  Pregnant women or any members who are suffering from bleeding disorders or receiving anti-coagulant therapy are advised to consult his/her medical doctor prior to receiving the services.  
  Female clients should not go for Chest X-Ray if they are pregnant.  
  Clients who subscribe Checkup profile BP, CP, EP, ST should not take food or drink except plain water 8 hours prior to blood drawing. Long term medication is allowed according to the instruction of the doctor. If you are a diabetic, please consult your doctor before fasting.  
  All medical Checkups and reports are provided by the designated laboratories and clinics. All disputes related to Checkups are solely responsible by the designated laboratories and clinics.  
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  For more information and related documents, please download here.   Talk to us directly:
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1. The above information is for reference only. Please refer to policy for the exact terms and conditions and the full list of policy exclusions. For more information or a copy of the policy terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Service Department on 3608 2988/ by email for enquiry.
2. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of the above information, the English version shall apply and prevail.
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