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Travel Insurance Offer Product Highlights Apply Now
Travel Smart
35% Off2 + CANVAS
Ultra Moisture and Protection Set 3
  • Single trip protection
  • Allow to enrol in the plan 120 days prior to departure for early protection
  • No deductible for all benefits
Pay the Premium of 2 Individuals to Enjoy Family Coverage:
Enrol in Family Package for just 2 individuals’ Premium4 with unlimited number of insured children
Annual Infinity Travel Insurance Pass
10% Off2 + CANVAS Moisturising and Protecting Set – value up to HK$2153
  • Year-round protection with unlimited number of trips. Enjoy up to 60 days per trip for China Plan and 90 days per trip for Worldwide Plan A & B
Working HolidaySafe
20% Off + Pacific Coffee
HK$100 Gift Card3
  • Cover all other leisure trips outside the working holiday destination
Overseas StudySafe Insurance
15% Off Smart Plus Plan /
10% Off Smart Plan
+ Up to 1,2001,5
  • Coverage for Cancellation of Study, Study Interruption and Education Fund Benefits
  • Cover all leisure trips taken while studying abroad
  • Flexible period of insurance: 1-year or 2-year
  1. Any redemption and/or use of Asia Miles will be subject to the Asia Miles Terms and Conditions.
  2. During the promotion period, members can enjoy 35% premium discount on Travel Smart and 10% premium discount on Annual Infinity Travel Insurance Pass for online enrolment via SmartClub website. Other customers can enjoy 30% premium discount for online enrolment on Travel Smart.
  3. For online enrolment only and subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the merchants.
  4. Customers who enrol in Family Package can enjoy a premium amount approximately equivalent to the total premium for 2 persons enrolling in Individual Package with up to 35% premium discount. The Family Package is applicable to families with 3 or more members including the applicant and/or spouse and all unmarried children below age 18.
  5. Offer is applicable to SmartClub members only.

Travel Smart, Annual Infinity Travel Insurance Pass, Working HolidaySafe and Overseas StudySafe Insurance are underwritten by Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited ("Blue Cross"), an authorised insurer in Hong Kong. For details of the insurance plan, please refer to the relevant product leaflet. For the exact terms and conditions and the full list of exclusions, please refer to the policy. Blue Cross reserves the right to vary or cancel the promotional programme and/or amend or alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Blue Cross shall be final and conclusive.