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Blue Cross Insurance Product

Overseas StudySafe Insurance

Latest Offer

15% Premium Discount for enrolling Smart Plus Plan
10% Premium Discount for enrolling Smart Plan

Exclusive Enrolment Offer for Member:
Up to Asia Miles 3,600 for Smart Plus Plan
Up to Asia Miles 1,800 for Smart Plan
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SmartClub members can earn 1 SmartPoint for every HK$1 net premium
1,000 points = HK$50 reward or Asia Miles 200

Become SmartClub Member

1. Has the insured person suffered from any physical defects or infirmities, impairment of vision or hearing?
2. Has the insured person made any claim under an accident or travel insurance policy in the past 3 years?
3. Has the insured person ever been declined, refused to renew or renewed but subject to special terms or conditions for an accident, medical or travel insurance policy?
*Applicant MUST be 18 years old or above.
*The Applicant and/or the Insured Person should notify the Company in writing immediately of any change to the country / region of overseas study.
*If country / region of overseas study is not included in the above list, please call our Sales Hotline at 3608 2930 for enquiry.
*The policy effective date must be same as or before the insured’s departure date from Hong Kong.
「Overseas StudySafe Insurance」related documents download「Overseas StudySafe Insurance」related documents download