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Blue Cross Insurance Product

All-in-one Outpatient Insurance

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10% first year premium discount

Insured Person(s)

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1st Child Insured

2nd Child Insured

3rd Child Insured

4th Child Insured

* Applicant MUST be 18 years old or above
* Anyone aged 60 or below is eligible to apply.
* Insured(s) under the age of 5 must join the plan with their parent(s) aged 18-60.
* Age refers to the nearest birthday. If your next birthday falls within the coming 6 months from the enrolment date, the premium rate will be charged according to your next age attained. Otherwise, it will be charged based on your current age. Policy effective date will be used to determine the age attained if it is different from the enrolment date.
* This is a yearly renewable plan up to age 65. Each coverage period is 1 year, with effect from the 12th working day after we have received the application form.
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