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  Major Medical Insurance Plan is a comprehensive worldwide medical insurance plan. It pays 90% of the hospital and surgical expenses up to US$250,000 in excess of a designated deductible. For those who look for a more ample-amount coverage, the benefit limit can be increased to US$1,000,000*. It is an ideal supplementary policy to your existing medical coverage provided by your employer or any other medical insurance.  
* Only applicable to insured aged 75 or below.
  Plan Highlights    
  Plan Coverage    
Plan Highlights
  Total Peace of Mind  
  Superior Standalone Plan  
  Major Medical Insurance is a standalone plan that provides you with an excellent coverage.  
  No waiting period – Medical protection starts once the policy takes effect  
  Easy enrolment with no medical examination is required  
  Worldwide coverage with benefit amounts remain unchanged regardless of the duration of overseas stay  
  No Additional Premium on Claims History upon Renewal  
  Regardless of your claims history and health status, no additional premium will be imposed individually upon policy renewal.  
  Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal^  
  After enrolment, we guarantee your policy will be renewable for lifetime, regardless of your health status or claims history. Moreover, your policy will be automatically renewed for another period of insurance.  
^ Not applicable to Optional Benefits. Renewal is guaranteed (subject to the availability of the Plan at the time of renewal) and Blue Cross will neither charge extra premium nor impose additional exclusions on an individual policy based on the insured’s health status and claims history at the time of renewal. However, Blue Cross reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of the policy and adjust the premium upon policy renewal due to, for example, age-related adjustment, a particular risk class or change of risk class.
  24-hour Worldwide Emergency Aid  
  If you need assistance in an emergency condition while travelling overseas, just call our 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Aid Hotline at any time, our dedicated officers will provide you with appropriate assistance such as hospital admission deposit guarantee service, medical repatriation, travel information, and medical or legal referral service. You can be sure help is just a call away in case of emergency.  
  Emergency Medical Assistance in China  
  In case of emergency requiring hospitalisation in China, simply present the "Medpass Card" and you can receive medical treatments in over 200 network hospitals or medical units without paying any deposits.  
  No Claim Discount  
  Upon renewal, the insured will receive No Claim Discount on the premium payable for the Basic Hospital and Surgical Benefits, if no claim under Basic Hospital and Surgical Benefits has been made during the respective no claim period as specified in the table below.  
No Claim Period Immediately
Preceding Renewal
Discount Rate
1 year 5%
2 consecutive years 5%
3 consecutive years 10%
4 consecutive years 10%
5 consecutive years or more 15%
In the event that after the insurance coverage for that Insured is renewed at a No Claim Discount, a claim by that insured for any benefit under the Basic Hospital and Surgical Benefits section, which has accrued in the previous period of insurance, is paid or becomes payable by Blue Cross, the policyholder shall reimburse the discounted amount to Blue Cross within 21 days from the date of the invoice. No benefits shall be payable to the insured under this policy unless the discounted amount is received by Blue Cross.
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Plan Coverage
  Basic Hospital and Surgical Benefits  
  The benefits cover 90% of eligible expenses in excess of a deductible of the applicable benefit for each disability, subject to the following maximum benefit limit per disability:  
Benefit Items Maximum Benefit Limit Per Disability (US$)
Room and Board
- Limit per day
Miscellaneous Hospital Charges Reasonable and customary charges
Surgeon's Fees1
- Complex
- Major
- Intermediate
- Minor
Anaesthetist's Fees2 Up to 30% of the eligible Surgeon's Fee
Operating Theatre Charges2 Reasonable and customary charges
Physician's Visit Fees, Specialist's Fees, Pathologist's Fees and Radiologist's Fees
Registered Private Nurse's Fees and Physiotherapy Services
Special Charges
- Blood and blood plasma
- Prosthetic devices
Complications of Pregnancy
- Limited to severe complication only, such as toxemia,
  eclampsia and pre–eclampsia or similar conditions of
  equivalent severity
Mental or Psychological Treatment
- Limit per day
- Limit per year

Overall Maximum Benefit Limit 250,0003
1. Surgeon’s Fees will be calculated in accordance with the Surgical Schedule, including operation performed by a surgeon during a confinement or Day Case Procedure upon the written recommendation of the attending physician. “Day Case Procedure” means a medically necessary medical or surgical procedure which is performed by a physician in an outpatient facility. An outpatient facility may refer to a physician’s clinic; or a day case centre, a day care centre or an outpatient department or equivalent facility established and operated by a Hospital.
2. Charges for such benefits will be payable on condition that Surgeon’s Fees are payable by Blue Cross.
3. The overall maximum benefit limit for Basic Hospital and Surgical Benefits is US$250,000 per disability, subject to the limit of each benefit item. For insured aged 76 or above, such overall maximum benefit limit is US$130,000.
  Optional Benefits  
  By paying additional premium, you can opt to top up your coverage according to your own needs.
1. Room and Board
2. Surgeon's Fees
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Treatment or test which is not Medically Necessary; or purchase of drugs which are not prescribed by a physician.
Confinement solely for the purpose of general checkup, diagnostic X-ray, advanced imaging, laboratory test or physiotherapy.
Treatment related to Congenital Conditions (except Hernias, Strabismus and Phimosis) or Developmental Conditions or disease of similar kind.
Pre-existing Conditions.
Expenses directly or indirectly arising from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (“HIV”) and its related Disability, including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and/or any mutations, derivation or variations thereof, consequential upon an HIV infection occurring before the Insured Effective Date.
Treatment or Disability directly or indirectly arising from or consequent upon: the abuse of drugs or alcohol, self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide, illegal activity, or driving or maneuvering machines whilst exceeding the prescribed alcohol and drug limit, or venereal and sexually transmitted disease or its sequelae.
Charges in respect of services for beautification or cosmetic purposes or non-medically related conditions; expenses for hearing tests, routine blood tests, general checkups, prophylaxis treatment, vaccinations or inoculations, etc.
Treatment of a dental condition and oral surgery (except treatment of an emergency and surgery arising from an accident received by the insured during confinement) as well as follow up treatment of the dental condition or oral surgery whether as an inpatient or outpatient.
Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for “Complications of Pregnancy” in the policy, all investigation, treatment, surgical procedure and counselling service relating to maternity conditions and its complications, including diagnostic tests for pregnancy or resulting childbirth, abortion or miscarriage; birth control or reversal of birth control; sterilisation or sex reassignment of either sex; infertility, etc.
Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions for "Mental or Psychological Treatment" in the policy, treatment directly or indirectly arising from any psychotic, psychological, or psychiatric conditions and any physiological or psychosomatic manifestations thereof.
Treatment or Disability directly or indirectly arising from war (declared or undeclared), civil war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power; resulting from taking part in military, air force, naval and other disciplinary services.
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1. The above information is for reference only. Please refer to policy for the exact terms and conditions and the full list of policy exclusions. For more information or a copy of the policy terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Service Department on 3608 2988/ by email for enquiry.
2. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of the above information, the English version shall apply and prevail.
  Major Medical Insurance Plan is underwritten by Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited, an authorised insurer in Hong Kong.