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  Most medical plans cover the cost of your hospitalisation, but what about other bills? If you have spent a long period of time in hospital, you may leave your family in a state of financial difficulty.

Hospital Income Plan "Plus" takes up where normal medical insurance leaves off. If you are hospitalised, it pays you a daily income benefit in addition to benefits received from any other insurance plans. You are free to use the cash as you wish: for hospital or medical expenses, household bills, or any other purposes. The benefit is payable from your very first day of confinement in hospital due to accidents and from the second day due to sickness.
  Plan Highlights    
  Major Exclusions  
Plan Highlights
  366-day Coverage  
  Hospital Income Plan "Plus" pays you daily income benefit for up to 366 days for each separate hospital confinement due to accident or sickness. After the policy has been in force for 12 months, any pre-existing medical condition will also be covered.  
  24-hour Worldwide Coverage  
  This plan provides total coverage to you at any time and any place worldwide. Whether you are travelling for pleasure or on business, you will receive your daily income benefit if you are hospitalised.  
  100% Refund of Premium  
  Upon renewing and completing your policy for 7 consecutive years, you are guaranteed to receive 100% of the total premium paid (annualised premium) if you did not submit a claim within the period.  
What's more?  
  Your choice of daily income benefit up to HK$2,000  
  No waiting period, start medical protection once the policy is effective  
  Easy application with no medical examination required  
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Major Exclusions
Hospitalisation during the first 12 months of insurance arising from any pre-existing condition.
Congenital abnormalities (except Hernias, Strabismus and Phimosis).
Physical or other examinations of a routine or preventive nature.
Intentional self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane.
Chronic alcoholism or drug addiction.
Pregnancy, childbirth, abortion or complications therefrom.
Mental disorders and rest cures.
Cosmetic, plastic or elective surgery.
Venereal diseases.
HIV-related illnesses including AIDS and/or any mutations, derivation or variation thereof occurring within the 5 years from the policy effective date.
Any act of war, riot or civil commotion.
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1. The above information is for reference only. Please refer to policy for the exact terms and conditions and the full list of policy exclusions. For more information or a copy of the policy terms and conditions, please contact our Customer Service Department on 3608 2988/ by email for enquiry.
2. Should there be any discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions of the above information, the English version shall apply and prevail.
  Hospital Income Plan “Plus” is underwritten by Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance Limited, an authorised insurer in Hong Kong.