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Hospital Income Plan "Plus"

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Information of Insured Person


Engage in high-risk occupation including (i) manual works at construction site; (ii) work at a height (exceeding 10 meters above ground or floor level); (iii) professional boxer; (iv) jockey or (v) stuntman?
* Applicant MUST be of age 18 or above.
* The applicant MUST be the insured person.
* The enrolment age of insured person MUST be between 18 years and 55 years.
* Age refers to the nearest birthday. If your next birthday falls within the coming 6 months from the enrolment date, the premium rate will be charged according to your next age attained. Otherwise, it will be charged based on your current age. Policy effective date will be used to determine the age attained if it is different from the enrolment date.
Hospital Income Plan "Plus" related documents downloadHospital Income Plan "Plus" related documents download